Time, An Illusion?

Time. Tense. What is it? I always felt that it was definite. A record of all events. But, thinking about it is giving rise to lots of questions. Questions which doesn’t seem to have any particular, satisfactory, logical and scientific answer. When did it begin? When will it end? Will it really end? Did it ever begin?

I would like to quote some instances of time being a mere experience. I say it experience because it seems more to be relative and subjective to a particular being. When you snooze your morning alarm only to be woken after half an hour which ‘felt’ like a minute and when you happen to attend a boring 20minute lecture which ‘felt’ like forever, isn’t that an experience which is purely personal and subjective?!

Different beings come with different lifespans. I’d like to compare human and dog years here. Let’s say humans live for 100 years and dogs for 10. So, let us presume a human year is equivalent to ten dog years. So, what a human experiences in 10years, dogs do that in a year. Maybe that’s why dogs grow so fast physically. Maybe that’s why, when you see your dog after a day, a dog gets more excited than you, because, in its experience, even more time has passed than in your experience.

So, if there is some bigger consciousness which presides/guides over the concept of time, I would like to say that it considers time as immaterial and only a law that universe has to follow, even if, on a very very broader note, doesn’t make a sense. Perhaps, being timeless is senseless which by itself is the true sense. An essence of existence. Maybe, a proof that you happened to be mortal.

So, what is time? What is forever? Mere words? Do they amount to anything??

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Happy New Year!!🎊 🎆

Heart Of A History

I see creepers crawling through the windows
That building which once held his head high
Looking down on it’s guests with a lowly eye
Now is crumbled down to his very ruins.
That’s when I realized,
It is not the bricks that tell the tale
But the people who carry it’s will with the gale

Dog Hours

Perhaps time is longer for a dog.
Not time as such
But the perception of time.
See, when you go on a four-day vacation without your dog
And when you get back
She wags and wiggles her tail
Cooing, “where’ve yo been hooman?”
“Me got so lonely without you”
“Suoore missed you pal!”
All the while pouncing and biting and lapping
See, all these kind of expressions you don’t get from another creature.
Perhaps, one dog hour is twenty-four human hours
And dog gets to live with you more time than you ever think.
And dog loves, gets hurt and forgives even more fiercely.
Perhaps time is longer for a dog
Not time as such
But the perception of time…