I’ve killed my conscience decades ago;
What’s left is just an impostor!

When I sit on my grand throne
Cozy above the corpses of trees and more,
Fauna I ignore
Their cries, their innocence, their rights
I hear no more.

I realize, that I’ve killed my conscience decades ago;
What’s left is just an impostor…

Let Us Stay Young Forever

Romance blossomed with spring!
A spring that we never wanted to end.
As the bees danced by the flowers
So did we, intoxicated in youth.
Her supple skin and my rough beard
Extremes complementing in all good ways.
My strong arms embracing her from behind
As her laughs sailed along the breeze
Filling up the Garden Of Eve.
Lust and love entwined in a helix,
As we prayed to live this moment for eternity’s end
Before our skin wrinkled and rumpled
Before our bones came to dust
We prayed that we stayed young, forever…

Thoughts In A Half-closed Mind And A Bottled Up Heart

With half closed eyes, he drowned himself in thoughts
Of places he got stuck at
And spaces that yelled loneliness.
The thoughts always brought him back to the same place
No matter where his fantasies went.
He just wanted approval from one place
One person
The person he once valued most
The one, whom, he never thinks of
Because of the intimidation his love caused.

His wild and fierce love
That, which caused only hurt
A toxic love with tender inside
A feeble weak heart that roared loud
Louder than a lion’s angry growl
Resonating with the empty cries of his heart
A raaaawwwrrrr roar… That can only be felt not heard.
A heart that needed love from someone else
Before his cigarettes killed him
Before his existence cracked, tore and blew apart…

How he wished to be an ignorant dumb suck
The one who could stay aloof from all these feelings.
His insides burnt like acid
With all the absinthe drunk in an attempt to cool his heart
The laughs that fermented over eons of severance
Now still stung like cold crystals on a winter night.
As his eyes rained, a sick memory looked down through the photograph
With dead eyes and frozen smiles.
As the night ended, he thought, “Now,
What shall I do, with all these thoughts?!”

After I Die

“After I die
Don’t mourn like a bitten kitten
Instead, rejoice my liberation
From this earthy body and rusty world
Never regret about how you failed to cherish me
If at all you remember, sing to my tunes and praise my beauty
Tell my tale to your young. Tell them what a misfit I was for this ghoulish system…”

A small tribute to the evergreen beauty, Norma Jean Baker aka The Marilyn Monroe ❤️

The Numbered Days Of A Neighbourhood Hustler!

The lonely night blinked alone
as did the beat of my raging heart
She knew it was time
Gone were those days when she would shine like a star…..

Attracted were the ash faced moths
Who clashed with a desire
That burned away with age
Now left with flightless wings

She lit in various colours
In ways that suited her mood
Sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes yellow
Always heaving dark shadows

A shadow where her heart hid
From the looks of the stinky moths
Masked as her pimps
And men in cloth

Days passed faster
Teaching who is the master
Her charms faded
As the wind bells chimed

Her light is now more of blue
And less of yellows
She cursed the bugs
Those spineless pests

None of these matter now
For she is about to die
Only to be recouped with another bulb
Which burnt the same

After death
She’ll be thrown alongside trash
While her tungsten flickers
In a helpless cry for acceptance…