Summer Rain Cannot Make Dead Flowers Bloom

Years into clinical practice
But this night, his skill couldn’t save his friend
From the clutches of the cold fate
Devastated, he said,
“Why is it raining in summer?”
As he gazed at the sky
With his head held high…

These many drugs to treat pain
But none to cure the void left by him
For the living bear the grief of deceased
Long after they are gone
Where should one go
To fill this empty space,
O’ man! So strong yet so fragile…

A Lover’s Note

It was a gloomy day!
We stood there by the ocean looking at each other
All we could hear were those monstrous waves crashing over the cold rocks
All we could see were the dark clouds encroaching from the horizon
It seemed as if like a picture taken up from the images of apocalypse
How terrible it may seem, it was beautiful!
Beautiful because she was there standing
She was there laughing…

And as this loving memory faded
I found myself in this wrinkled skin
With aching knees and a walking stick
I still wish I died the moment she left
Instead of waving an empty goodbye
And suffering this eternal misery
I still remember how it felt the day she left
Like being burnt alive as my heart got crushed while it was still beating her name…


In a world full of uncertainties
People yearn for hope
A rope to hold on,
One that reassures.
That’s why more than doctors
Gods and healers are more popular!!
The powers of a doctor are limited
Finite only to knowledge and technology.
On the other hand, Gods and healers can do miracles
Whether they really do them or not doesn’t matter!
But, they always give a hope, that something may turn up!
That’s what we really need in this life,
A hope to hold on, to keep moving forward…

I Don’t Remember Our Last Goodbye!!

We’ve been speaking the same stuff for years
Same stuff in different ways
Though there were new additions
The core remained the same
Seasons became a cycle
And cycles peddled forward
Boys became men
Real men with responsibilities
Some still studied
Some took up jobs
Some changed jobs
In pursuit of new opportunities
Yet, we always clung together
Perhaps we are dumb enough to love one another
Than to be troubled by our differences
And that’s why, I don’t remember our last goodbye
For there is none…

The Blue In The Sky And Of The Ocean

I realised that I often use ‘sky’ in my poetry a lot.
Well, how can anybody not speak about it?!
To describe their feelings!!
It’s the same thing one looks upto
When devoid of all hope
And when filled with sense of achievement.
Such a comforting speck of nature,
Stretching past all the horizons.
Words fall short on trying to image it;
The least they get is be beutified
In an attempt to characterize the eternal glory.
And I, being an ocean,
Always try to reflect those mighty blues!!

The Oneness Of You And Me

Yes, we are different people
Different places, different races
Some are dark, some are fair
A mulatto, an albino
We speak various languages
And share difference in opinions
Our cultures are divergent.
But as long as we breathe the same air
As long we get warmth from the same sun
And as long as we look up to the same sky
We are a little less different
We are one
The children of The Sun!!

P.s: Hello all ❤️ The wolf howls for unity! This poem can even be broadened to a greater aspect including animals, trees, mountains and rivers that flow by. Do comment where to you are from!! Btw, I am from Bharat (India) 🇮🇳

Mamma! I wish I could come back home

(A lonely mother grieves a lullaby to herself, in memory of her son, who got lost by the river of no return. It’s been five years since his absence, but this clueless mother waits everyday by the river for his return)

O’ apple of my eye
Jewel to my heart
Why did you leave
To the point of no return

You took my love along
Leaving me alone
With these sad dreams
And the nightmares that followed

My love still shines like the red star
In the southern sky
While I lay awake
Praying him to watch over you

So, when you feel cold,
He’ll burn and gift you warmth
And when you feel scared
He will light your path

I am still mad at you
For leaving me alone
How can you possibly leave
Without even a goodbye?!

I still make your favourite ‘appam’
Hoping for your return
When even the wind that left
Returns, why won’t you?!

I started loving you even before you came
So, I won’t stop loving you even while you are gone
Because, when it comes to you
Love is all I have…