Let Us Stay Young Forever

Romance blossomed with spring!
A spring that we never wanted to end.
As the bees danced by the flowers
So did we, intoxicated in youth.
Her supple skin and my rough beard
Extremes complementing in all good ways.
My strong arms embracing her from behind
As her laughs sailed along the breeze
Filling up the Garden Of Eve.
Lust and love entwined in a helix,
As we prayed to live this moment for eternity’s end
Before our skin wrinkled and rumpled
Before our bones came to dust
We prayed that we stayed young, forever…

A Sleep That Can Erase Dreams

She dazed into the dark sky
For her God to help
Only to be addressed back
With those same empty stares

Words fell short as songs fell apart
To define the thoughts in her heart
That which was bombed a million times
Now presents as cracks in a glass bleeding mimes

So, she laid back at ease
Allowing sleep to take over
If it isn’t the only real thing,
In a world full of dreams.

To Maya, With Love!!

How much time does it take for a thought to manifest?!
A second, a minute, maybe an year??”

I used to be a boorish man with a thick mane
With a chiseled torso and strong calves
I used to make a living out of killing.
Killing men, killing women,
Doesn’t matter, until I get paid
No wonder, everyday was dark and cold!

Then I met you, your laughs and your tears.
We became friends, turning into lovers
Later we became one, a sole soul!
Your presence meant every thing to me.
Making me leave my old life and start anew.
From then on, everyday was sunshine!!

Though I left malice, it didn’t leave me.
Her fangs dug into your heart (my heart)
Claiming your life
For sins I’ve done.
Driven by tremendous grief, I swore revenge.
Picking back those long left blades and striking senselessly into their hearts.

I went berserk till the divine punishment pierced me too, rendering my body numb.
As I fell, time stopped moving
And thoughts about you started playing
Every moment from our meeting till your parting
Those smiles, those smokes, those fights and those tears!!
As I hit the ground, life left this body to get back to you and giving me my answer.

“How much time does it take for a thought to manifest?
Perhaps, less than a moment…”


Time is a never-ending flow.
A dimension always rushing forward.
Sometimes, I wish I can revert it back
So, I can see your smile
And feel your scent.
But, what is a human in front of God?!
A miniscule nobody!
A slave to the circumstances
Drowning in the sands of time!
I wish I can be strong.
But Alas! Even the mightiest of men, cannot wrestle the hands of a ticking clock...