I See You There Standing

I woke up to a lonely morning
Empty sunshine is all I see
Surfing through time
I reach out to a doomy dusk
As the sun is sinking
I see you there standing
Holding on to your reds and hues.
Dressed in blue
A blue deeper than the ocean
Masking all those scars people ever did to you
And looking past the horizon
Straight into the bloody orange
While the sea gulls still swarm
Like nothing ever happened.

I see you there standing
With the elegance of God’s favourite angel
An angel who fell down to middle Earth
And got stuck in this rotting place
As she forgot how to fly.
I see you there and my gaze fixed.
My perception of time stopped
While my silly heart tried to sync it’s every beat to you
All I could feel is a longing void in my chest
Reminding me that my love for you is real and true
And I lived in the same time as you.
Even though you may never know
And I may never say
I will keep on loving you in my heart, wildly and fiercely…