Time, An Illusion?

Time. Tense. What is it? I always felt that it was definite. A record of all events. But, thinking about it is giving rise to lots of questions. Questions which doesn’t seem to have any particular, satisfactory, logical and scientific answer. When did it begin? When will it end? Will it really end? Did it ever begin?

I would like to quote some instances of time being a mere experience. I say it experience because it seems more to be relative and subjective to a particular being. When you snooze your morning alarm only to be woken after half an hour which ‘felt’ like a minute and when you happen to attend a boring 20minute lecture which ‘felt’ like forever, isn’t that an experience which is purely personal and subjective?!

Different beings come with different lifespans. I’d like to compare human and dog years here. Let’s say humans live for 100 years and dogs for 10. So, let us presume a human year is equivalent to ten dog years. So, what a human experiences in 10years, dogs do that in a year. Maybe that’s why dogs grow so fast physically. Maybe that’s why, when you see your dog after a day, a dog gets more excited than you, because, in its experience, even more time has passed than in your experience.

So, if there is some bigger consciousness which presides/guides over the concept of time, I would like to say that it considers time as immaterial and only a law that universe has to follow, even if, on a very very broader note, doesn’t make a sense. Perhaps, being timeless is senseless which by itself is the true sense. An essence of existence. Maybe, a proof that you happened to be mortal.

So, what is time? What is forever? Mere words? Do they amount to anything??

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Happy New Year!!🎊 🎆

Question to Suicide

I laugh when I hear people say things like, “suicide is never an answer. You should talk. Be more open.  You should share your feelings. Kiss my bum, etc., ” If you so firmly say suicide isn’t the answer, do you know what the question was!? Do you ever even wonder about it??

Because, people who say these things are the same ones who laugh at you when you open up. Stinking hypocrisy!! No wonder it is still a taboo topic in our society. They believe you when you say there’s a ghost. But they don’t believe if you say you feel depressed.

Suicide is the outcome, not the answer of the victim. It’s the end stage of the disease called depression. It is how the victims answer to their problem/illness. Nobody takes away their life on a whim. Everybody wants to live. But think of what forces them to take such a step. Be more empathic!!

Depression isn’t a joke. It is real. Words can’t cure it. It needs medical attention!!

How to be more empathic?? Talk about these subjects oftentimes. Stop being mean to one another. Share constructive criticism. Be truthful to yourself.

And to people who feel/are depressed, I’ve got nothing new to tell you guys. I won’t be there for you. You’ll be on your own. Seek medical attention. It’s a disease, not any taboo. Speak about it. And believe me; tomorrow, there will be sunshine! Just live to see it. ‘CAUSE IT’S WORTH IT!!


The basis of religion by itself is a hoax.
This is something I firmly believe.
Because The Almighty God who created the entire cosmos wouldn’t be so narrow to create rules and regulations to worship HIS presence, acknowledge HIS existence. This is such a human way of thinking. It is human who invented religion.

Religion is for the functioning of a society. If a time ever comes where everyone on this planet adheres to their conscience and act accordingly then that would be a time where religion would lose it’s purpose and vanquish. I pray from the bottom of my heart for this to happen (while I’m still alive, if it isn’t too much to ask for). And to those who think that I contradicted myself here mind you, religion needs god, God doesn’t need religion. If He really exists then he wouldn’t need religion, a systematic procedure of brainwashing that makes people believe in a concept of heaven and hell and be afraid of them and worship him for courage, for his survival.

To be honest, I’m not really bothered about the presence or absence of God and his deeds, but when I come to know that people fight in his name, kill to declare ‘ who’s god is better ‘ it really hurts me. Such futile loss of energies and life!

Be a seeker! Get spiritual not religious!!
Know the difference…