The Numbered Days Of A Neighbourhood Hustler!

The lonely night blinked alone
as did the beat of my raging heart
She knew it was time
Gone were those days when she would shine like a star…..

Attracted were the ash faced moths
Who clashed with a desire
That burned away with age
Now left with flightless wings

She lit in various colours
In ways that suited her mood
Sometimes red, sometimes blue, sometimes yellow
Always heaving dark shadows

A shadow where her heart hid
From the looks of the stinky moths
Masked as her pimps
And men in cloth

Days passed faster
Teaching who is the master
Her charms faded
As the wind bells chimed

Her light is now more of blue
And less of yellows
She cursed the bugs
Those spineless pests

None of these matter now
For she is about to die
Only to be recouped with another bulb
Which burnt the same

After death
She’ll be thrown alongside trash
While her tungsten flickers
In a helpless cry for acceptance…

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